30 years after her first journey across the Atlantic with the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers in 1987, s/y Mateńka is going to participate in ARC’17! Our dad, Nikodem Jasiński, Mateńka’s co-designer and life long owner, already conquered the Atlantic, when Mateńka participated in ARC’87 from Gran Canaria to Barbados and finished as one of the 200 boats with the honorary trophy for “Hardest Effort”. Back then not many Polish sailors took on such a journey as crossing the Atlantic. 30 years later, we are working on getting Mateńka Atlantic ready again, for ARC’17 – keeping the dream alive!

The Plan

We already started the preparations, repairs and improvements. Mateńka came back to Poland in 2015 (for the first time in 23 years) and we started working on constructional repairs in the winter of 2015. In 2016 we left for a short summer season to Norway and now we are on the way to the Canary Islands to participate inARC’17!

Getting Mateńka Ready

We carry out most additions and improvements by ourselves, but for such a trip we needed to work on a few bigger items we couldn’t do without specialist equipment and expertise. We handed over Mateńka to a shipyard in Gdańsk last winter, who fixed up the deck, refurbished the hull frames and carried out a full rudder inspection. We’ve been keeping up with our safety inspections, so things on that front are looking pretty good.

Last winter, we needed to modernize some of Mateńka’s equipment, add a wind generator, an autopilot, and there like. This was going to get expensive! Here are the items we need to work on to be ready for ARC 2017:

We are still looking for…

  1. Spinnaker – our old spinnaker is probably a good 30 years old and it has reached its end of life. We are waiting on a quote for a new one and need to see if we can afford it.
  2. Sextant – If anyone can lend us one for the way, would be fun to learn how to use it!
  3. The Gas Bottle Situation – We need to figure out how to add an additional big gas bottle safely, to make sure we have enough for on the way and over in the Caribbean
  4. Lifejackets – replace a few of our life jackets with ARC compliant inflatable ones, like some of those here. We will decommission some of the current foam ones to save space and (the ones we’ll keep need their light battery replaced).

If you are interested in sponsoring any of the items above, please get in touch with us at