If you are joining us on a trip, here are a few hints on how to prepare. Anything else you might want to know? Contact us!

Why go sailing?

To smell the ocean, to see the seas, to feel the freedom and learn why once at sea, people tend to stay there!

Who should go sailing?mate-300x224

Everyone! You don’t need any prior experience or certifications – our skipper will teach you all the basics, everything you need to know to get the boat around and help as a competent crew member. Free time can be spent on more advanced sailing topic, unless you prefer to go for a swim, read a book or simply enjoy the great views.

Mateńka is a great vacation for the entire family. Jasiek, Nikodem’s grandson, started his sailing career with 2 years. When he was in first grade he had to prepare an introduction of himself, where as his favorite place he showed this picture.

Who to go with?

Bring your family, or bring some friends! Bring your kids and your wife, or your future wife. Or sign up by yourself and meet the rest of the crew when you get on board. Everything is possible!

What to pack?

For warm weather trips it is important to take with: sun screen, sun glasses, hat, swim suit and just in case a rain jacket. Also, comfortable shoes to walk on deck (if it’s not too hot barefoot works too). We have a number of pillows and blankets available and a limited number of sheets, you might want to bring your own sheets or sleeping bag. Most of the time it is rather warm and a sheet itself will do, please check the weather while packing.

For cold weather trips it is important to take with: warm clothing, hat, socks, proper shoes to walk on deck and to get wet in. Bring your own sleeping bag.

Bring some books to read, a number of Captain Nikodem’s books are available in the library, mostly in Polish though. Most importantly, bring a good mood and a smile! And if you could try to find a foldable bag, so it won’t take much space on the boat once you unpacked.

What do I do on a boat all day long?

Sailing, dreaming, reading, looking, listening, joking, enjoying…

How is life on board?

Comparable to living in a camper van. We have a small kitchen in which we cook, with the additional difficulty to do it underway while everything is moving around. We typically use the showers in the marina, but you can also rinse youself with the on board water (which is not heated).

What do you eat on board?

The kitchen is llimited and can be a challange at times, but we have been able to pull off amazing meals on Mateńka.

How do I charge my phone?

Panic panic, I’m out of battery! No need to worry, there are 12V outlets (like in a car) you can use during the entire trip which will draw power from our batteries. While we are plugged into shore power in the marina, the usual European 220V outlets will work as well.

Are there any rules on board?

Once you enter the boat you are part of the crew. The crew along with the skipper are responsible for operating the boat during the trip. Keep calm, smile and help the skipper wherever you can.

What does “Mateńka” mean?skanowanie0004

“Mateńka” is the Polish diminutive of “mother”. S/Y Mateńka is dedicated to Janina Jasińska, Captain Nikodem’s mother. Read more about Mateńka’s history here.

Do you have insurance?

Mateńka is insured with Panteanius Yacht Insurance, covering Hull, Third Party Liability and Personal Accident insurance (NNW, OC and CASCO). Insurance documents in Polish can be found here: WUPZOC and WUPNNW.

How do I pay?

We accept EU bank transfers. You will receive the payment details with your confirmation of reservation. Half of the costs are due at time of reservation, the other half 14 days before your trip.

How does the contract look like?

Like this: rental agreement – one person.

What travel documents are required?

Usually you need your ID and/or Passport, but make sure to check the specifics of your route and possible visa requirements.

Do I need to bring cash?

ATMs are available in most cities along the way. The currency in most European counties is Euro, British Pound for the UK.

What are the weather conditions like?

That depends on the trip you participate in. The summer around the Mediterranean should be rather mild, out on the Atlantic is very windy, the North and baltic sea can get cold. If the weather doesn’t cooporate, we might have to stand by and wait out heavy winds or a storm. We can’t predict the weather and apologize in advance if your trip or your route will be affected by weather conditions, we will do you best to help you with any arrangements necessary.

Are the routes fixed?

In case of unforeseen weather conditions the route could be changed along the way. We will do our best to meet your travel arrangements and help you find alternative travel if necessary.