Hi, I am Mateńka, an oceanic sailing yacht type Cetus 136c. I was born in 1986 in the Leonida Teligi shipyard in Stettin, Poland. I’ve sailed in many places around the world: cruised around in the North sea, crossed the Atlantic, lived on the Mediterranean . I have a lot of good friends who I like to go on trips with and a lot of dreams for future adventures.

Mateńka has been around for over 30 years and has a lot of stories to tell. Her owner and co-designer Nikodem Jasiński sailed her for 22 years, followed by his daughters Joanna and Elisa.

The yacht was built in 1986 on a laminated hull type Cetus 136c, in the Leonida Teligi shipyard in Stettin, Poland. The project was executed by Mark Tuński and his crew together with the later owner and captain Nikodem Jasiński. Ever since its inception Nikodem sailed her with a Polish flag, across the Atlantic ocean, in the Caribbean, Cuba, the Bahamas, Florida, New York, the Azores, etc. She spent 20 years in the Mediterranean until Nikodem passed away in 2008.

His daughters Joanna and Elisa took over Mateńka in 2008. After a lot of repairs they had her sail-worthy again in 2010. She cruised around the Mediterranean for a few years, having to maintain a boat in far away Italy became more and more difficult. In 2015 Elisa took Matenka and sailed her back to Poland. She’s since enjoyed a lot more attention and Elisa embarked on preparations to take Matenka across the Atlantic for a second time. In 2017 she left Poland and sailed to the Caribbean… a second time after 30 years.