When our dad passed away and we got Mateńka in 2008, we weren’t quite sure what to do with a boat. We went on vacation with our dad from time to time, on Mateńka, but we were no sailors. We followed orders, but never had to take a single decision by ourselves. Mateńka was in a pretty bad state at that time too, she has been in an accident just prior to our dad’s passing. Should we get rid of her? But there is something to it, that doesn’t let you go anymore, we knew we couldn’t just give her away.

We’ve learnt so much since then. Mainly that keeping a boat afloat is an incredible amount of work. Things break, plans change. We would not have been able to do any of it without the help of so many wonderful people! People who like to keep the dream alive, who made so many great memories on Mateńka themselves and want for her to keep on sailing.

Nikodem Jasiński (1940 – 2008)

Nikodem Jasiński was the co-designer, owner and captain of Mateńka ever since its inception. A sea lion. A dreamer. A beautiful person. He spent 30 years at sea, inspiring everyone to be a sailor too. He was loved by many. He showed us how to find freedom and make our dreams come true.

Joanna “Asia” Jasińska

Nikodem’s daughter Asia is Mateńka’s current owner. Without her none of this would have happened. She took it upon herself to keep Mateńka afloat, after finding her broken in Italy in 2008. Her and Tomek took care of most of the repairs and brought her slowly back to life over the years.

Ela “Elisa” Jasińska

Elisa is Nikodem’s youngest daughter. She spent many vacations sailing as a child, however sailing was not the reason she was there, her dad was. For her Mateńka was the home she had with her father. She discovered her own passion for sailing and the boat life in recent years and is now sailing and living on Mateńka.

Tomek Żukowski

Tomek has probably taken every piece of Mateńka apart at least twice, if not three times, by now. He’s been involved in helping out since Nikodem’s passing and without the countless cold and tiring days, fixing things on Mateńka, she would not be what she is right now.

Rafał Łubis

Rafał is a close friend of the family and knows every wire on Mateńka out of the top of his head. Rafał has been helping out since 2009, he often skippers passages when no one else can make it, helps with planning and repairs, and so much more.


Many other friends help and support us: Nikodem’s grandchildren: Kasia, Małgosia and Jasiek. As well as: Andrzej, Michał, Henryk, Jarek, Bartek, Marta, Włodek, Wojtek, Natalia, Hukl, Nico, Will, Piotr, Olek, Przemek, Iwona, Michał K, Milena – thank you all!