Posted at Sea

Participating in an Atlantic Rally was a HUGE deal for a Polish boat in 1987. My dad had a Mateńka stamp made especially for ARC ’87. In fact, we use up until this day, it adds a nice touch to postcards we sent back home from our trips. But the stamp started to wear off and with ARC ’17 coming up, we thought it was time for an update. How do you like our new and improved version?

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Selvagens Islands

On our passage from Madeira to the Canary Islands we stopped at the uninhabited natural reserve Selvagens Islands. Two Portuguese islands, about 175 nm south of Madeira, 100 nm north of the Canary Islands and the most southern part of Portugal. They made for a great stopover during our passage, however one can’t just drop anchor there.

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Dear Mateńka! – Part 2

The smell of wood hit me. Pervasive, but not the smell of newly unpacked IKEA furniture. This smell was different. I will allow myself to call it a “wet” smell, however it wasn’t wet here at all. This wood smells like it was touched by winds, some salt water, many years of people being in its company, overcooked meals, freshly caught fish and a lot of happiness.

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Dear Mateńka! – Part 1

Hello again, after a little break in writing at, and one could also say, a break in my usual adventures… but as the song says: nothing can last forever – my break didn’t either. Even though I wasn’t particularly looking for a new adventure, it found me nevertheless.

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